Girdwood Trails Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting

7 pm, Glacier City Hall

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Chair Dario Martinez.  Carolyn Brodin acted as Secretary for the meeting.

Not on Agenda:

Melanee Raney informed the Girdwood Trails Committee of plans with Chris Roberts (Twirl) to conduct guided hiking and snowshoeing outings, primarily on Winner Creek Trail and Iditarod Trail.

Discussion then returned to the published agenda.

Old Business


1.     Nissman Memorial Update: Tim Charnon, USFS, did not attend the meeting.  Carl Skustad has been working on an estimate of total cost of the project, and recruiting volunteers


2.     Winter Grooming Report: More snow is needed for grooming.  There are six trained grooming volunteers.


Status of Grooming Equipment: All grooming equipment is in operational condition.


3.     Trails Issues:

a.      Athabaskan Trail Update:  No report.

b.     Four Corners Hand Tram Update: The Hand Tram has been shut down until required maintenance can be completed.  New rope and cable is being researched.


4.     Beaver Pond Trail Report: Matt Wedeking will lead a volunteer crew to flag the Beaver Pond Trail extension to the Seward Highway Bike Path.  Volunteers are to meet at the DOT maintenance yard at 10 am on Saturday, March 5. 


5.     Request to AK DOT/PF for mitigation funds due to Crow Creek Road project displacement of users:  No Report at this time.


6.     Ken Chapman and Alisa Moffatt from AK DOT/PF presented plans for trail crossings of Crow Creek Road coincident with the upcoming improvement project. 


Members of the Girdwood Trails Committee made suggestions and requested more time to review the proposed trail crossing proposals and discuss them.


New Business:

1.               Chad Frank reported on purchase of a new snow machine for trails grooming.


Other Business: No Other Business at this time.


There being no further business to come before the Girdwood Trails Committee, a motion to adjourn was duly made and seconded, and unanimously approved by those present. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Brodin

Acting Secretary