Girdwood Trails Committee

Regular Monthly Meeting

November 1, 2005

7:00 pm, Old Library Building 

Call to Order


Approval of Minutes

Regular Meeting, October 4, 2005


Old Business

1.  Nissman Memorial Update--Chad Frank, Carl Skustad


2.  Trail Issues

a.  Grant Award for Alyeska Highway Bike Path/Bridge Repair--Alison Rein

b.   Second Bridge on Robbie’s Route—Dario Martinez

c.   Trail Condition on Robbie’s Route—Norman Starkey


3.  Winter Grooming and Snowmobile Purchase—Mark Jonas, Chad Frank


4.   Girdwood Trail Maps—Norman Starkey


5.   Old Library Building Access—Dario Martinez


6.   Trails Committee Records--Chad Frank


New Business

2006 GBOS Budget Request



Other Business



Next meeting is Tuesday, December 6, 2005