Girdwood Trails Committee

Regular Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

7 pm, Old Library Building



Call to Order


Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting, July 5, 2005


Old Business

1.  Nissman Memorial Update:  Chad Frank


2.  Trails Issues

a.  SAGA Summer Program:  Chad Frank, Alison Rein

b.  Grant Application for Alyeska Highway Bike Path:  Alison Rein

c.  Bike Trail Bridge Repair:  Chad Frank


3.  Winner Creek Trail Improvements:  Alison Rein


4.  Beaver Pond Trail Report: Matt Wedeking


5.  Trails Maps: Norman Starkey


6.  Old Trails Committee Records: Chad Frank


New Business

1.  Abe’s Trail Maintenance: Matt Wedeking


Other Business


Next Meeting is Tuesday, September 6, 2005