Girdwood Trails Committee

Regular Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

7 pm, Old Library


Call to Order


Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting April 5, 2005.


Old Business:


1.               Nissman Memorial Update: Chad Frank

2.               Winter Grooming Wrapup: Mark Jonas

3.               Grooming Equipment Wrapup: Mark Jonas, Chad Frank

4.               Trail Issues

a.      Athabaskan Trail: Alison Rein

b.     Hand Tram Repair: Carl Skustad

c.      SAGA Summer Program: Chad Frank

d.     Other Trail Issues

5.               Beaver Pond Trail Report and Beaver Pond to Seward Highway Bike Path Extension Report: Matt Wedeking

6.               Submittal to Turnagain Times and Insert for Friends of Girdwood Trails and Parks: Chad Frank

7.               Report on Crow Creek Road Neighborhood Citizens Advisory Group: Alison Rein

8.               Trails Maps: Kate Sandberg, Norman Starkey, Alison Rein

9.               Further Trails funding: Tim Charnon, Alison Rein

10.            Chad Frank, Old Trails Committee Records.


New Business:


1.               Bike Trail Bridge: Chad Frank

2.               Tread Lightly Seminar: Chad Frank

3.               Other New Business


Other Business




Please note location of this meeting in the Old Library Building.